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Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are designed to help older adults attain the level of personal and wellness goals they deserve while reaping the benefits of living alongside others. With innovative programming, these communities are also perfect for individuals who crave physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual engagement.

Of course, deciding to join an assisted living community can be challenging. There are often mixed feelings about leaving a longtime residence or changing a daily routine. However, the following ten benefits of assisted living illustrate why individuals find joining a community to be empowering.

1. Sense of Community

Community is a major draw. When people join an assisted living community, they no longer feel isolated. This is important since, according to the American Psychological Association, loneliness has been shown to negatively impact memory and learning, increases stress, and contributes to depression. Simply put, opportunities to play cards with a friend or talk to a team member significantly improve a resident’s mood and health.

2. Innovative Programming

Nourishing residents’ social and intellectual health is a major priority for team members. As such, assisted living communities offer a wide array of innovative programs. Residents can, for example, take a strength training class with a skilled instructor, join a book club and discuss literary themes, or watch a Friday night movie with friends. At Spring Creek, for example, our Valeo Signature Programs offer resident creative outlets to engage the mind. Beyond quelling boredom, these programs allow residents to learn and celebrate their talents, assist residents in finding and celebrating their legacy, and help create a path to meaningful living.

3. Personal Hygiene Support

Taking a bath or getting dressed can be challenging for many individuals with memory impairments or a history of falling. However, personal hygiene is a necessity. Keeping clean not only staves off illness-causing bacteria, but it can also boost confidence and self-esteem. Personal hygiene support is one of many benefits of assisted living. Team members at an assisted living community can provide cleaning and grooming help for residents that need it. They can, for example, help a frail resident get in and out of the shower without falling. They can also help a resident with dexterity issues button their shirt. What support the individual receives depends entirely on their needs and comfort level.

4. Household Cleaning Support

Beyond personal hygiene, assisted living communities can provide help with household chores like dusting or vacuuming. Team members can also spot instances of hoarding, or the act of obsessively accumulating objects. As suggested by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, instances of hoarding increase in individuals over the age of 55.

Hoarding is not only unsightly; it can pose health hazards. An unclean living space can welcome pests like roaches and mice. Clutter can also pose tripping hazards. That being said, it is important that residents receive regular household cleaning support.

5. Care for Daily Tasks

What if an individual cannot remember to buy groceries or take certain medications? An assisted living community can help with that by providing seamless access to a range of supportive living environments. A team member can help residents make dentist appointments, call family and friends, and refill prescriptions while maintaining a sense of dignity and respect. When daily activities are too much to handle at home, joining a community where assistance is readily available can make a positive impact on your life.

6. Security and Safety

According to the Arizona Center on Aging, individuals living with memory impairments are at a higher risk of starting a household fire. They may, for example, start dinner and forget they were cooking, or they may place a metal container in the microwave. If the individual uses a space heater, they may leave it on too long or drape clothes over it. Whatever the situation, fire is a huge concern. Assisted living communities are equipped with fire alarms, around-the-clock security services, and security cameras. These precautions are also vital in preventing break-ins and filtering door-to-door salespeople who may take advantage of older adults.

7. Peace of Mind for Friends and Family

Providing wellness support at home can be hard on friends and family. Thankfully, an assisted living community can bring peace of mind. This is one of many intangible, but incredibly important, benefits of assisted living. Friends and family no longer have to worry about what may happen in an emergency or what may happen if the individual requires a higher level of wellness support. Innovative programming also ensures that residents feel safe and engaged.

8. Professional Transportation

Getting to and from doctor appointments can be a logistical nightmare for individuals who no longer drive because of vision problems or other physical limitations. Assisted living communities provide reliable transportation. Not only do team members ensure that residents get to important appointments, but they also take residents to shopping outlets and local events.

9. Wellness Support

When a health condition worsens or when a fall happens, it can be hard, if not dangerous, to live alone. In an assisted living community, residents are surrounded by caring team members who can offer a spectrum of wellness support. Frail individuals, for instance, may receive physical therapy and help walking to and from the restroom. Comparatively, individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes may receive reminders to take their medications. In these situations, a proactive approach is key. Preventing falls and disease mismanagement ensures the resident’s safety.

10. Great Food Options

Cooking nourishing meals can be taxing, especially for those who have physical limitations that make food preparation difficult. Assisted living communities are staffed with experienced chefs who can provide healthy, appetizing meals at consistent times each day. Many assisted living communities provide both a set menu and the option to request special meals such as poached salmon, baked chicken breast, or hamburgers. What’s more, there are opportunities to socialize when eating in group dining rooms.

In short, an assisted living community can provide an environment of engagement, collaboration, and purpose. The benefits of assisted living are innumerable and well surpass this list.

Spring Creek is an assisted living community in the Hunters Glen neighborhood of Plano, Texas, that specializes in assisted living. Learn more about us by downloading our Spring Creek community brochure. It will provide more insight into our community as well as answers to many commonly asked questions.

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