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Senior Living Cost: What to Know

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A senior turning sixty-five years old has a seventy percent chance of needing long-term care services throughout the rest of their life. Most of us don’t know what senior care includes or what care is needed.  The reality is you need to understand your options when you or your loved one needs more care than what they are receiving at home. Not only do you need to know your options, but you also need to feel comfortable with the options available to you.

As the cost of senior living can be high due to increased services needed with age, knowing the costs for senior living care helps with making an informed decision. Keep reading to learn the differences between all-inclusive senior living care and traditional senior living care.

All-Inclusive Versus Traditional Senior Living

To start, let’s understand the fundamental differences between the types of care available to older people and the costs associated as it will vary depending on the type of care needed.

In most assisted living communities, residents have either their own or share an apartment. The services available may include the following.

  • Medication management
  • Daily wellness checks
  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Help with hygiene and dressing
  • Meals and special diet plans
  • Entertainment
  • Social events
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Exercise programs
  • Transportation services
  • Holistic services

While these are the types of services most senior living communities offer, the cost for these services may not be included in your monthly rent and once added, can get costly.  This model is often referred to as an à la carte model.

In à la carte model, seniors pay a flat fee for basic services each month. Any extra care they need is an added cost on top of that flat fee.  This type of model is beneficial for seniors who need very little care. If they can walk, transport themselves around the community, or look after themselves, this might be the best option for them.  However, it is important to understand as a person ages, they WILL need assistance with some, if not all, of the above services.

Alternatively, an all-inclusive senior living community gives seniors the care they need at the time they need it at no additional cost. As care needs change, the cost of the care provided does not increase, unlike in the traditional senior living à la carte model.

Senior Living Cost: All-Inclusive and Traditional Options

Understanding the different options available is important, but breaking down the cost so you know what to expect will help you make the right decision for the care needed now and in the future.

The traditional senior living à la carte pricing structure can be beneficial for seniors who are able to care for themselves now, however, please understand costs for care will increase as needs increase. It can and will become expensive to add additional services each month with increased needs. For example, if your loved one injures themselves, falls, or becomes ill, the increase in care will result in an additional expense. If you haven’t budgeted for this and only planned on paying your original monthly rent, depending on your situation, you may be unprepared to pay the additional costs.

The all-inclusive model charges a flat fee each month for all services and care provided. As older people age, needs increase, and it’s comforting to know the care provided in an all-inclusive plan will be covered. One monthly bill is convenient and easy to budget for, as you’ll know what to expect each month no matter what services are provided.  All-inclusive senior living makes your life simpler and gives peace of mind to those concerned about potential health problems. Keep in mind that each community might define its all-inclusive services differently, so make sure you know what is covered in the package before deciding

Benefits of All-inclusive Living

All-inclusive senior living has so many benefits and if your loved one is not living independently and is showing signs of declining health or needs help with daily living tasks, an all-inclusive package would be the best option for the unpredictability of the care that will be needed.

Another benefit of all-inclusive senior living is the convenience of care and wellness when needed. Under a traditional assisted or senior living à la carte model, additional support may not be immediately available. Instead of potentially not getting the care they need immediately, an all-inclusive community will ensure their needs and expectations are being met.

Consider Your Options

Before selecting an assisted living community, consider all potential costs for senior living care. Deciding between a traditional senior or assisted living community and an all-inclusive senior living community is an important decision.  Ultimately, the most important decision is that your loved one is in a place where they receive the best care.

Spring Creek has affordable all-inclusive senior living options and apartments with great views and bay windows. To learn more about Spring Creek Plano’s All-Inclusive Senior Living Community, click here.

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