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Top 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Senior Living Communities

When you start your search for a senior living community for your loved one, it can seem overwhelming. There are many considerations necessary in order to make the right choice.  Some top priorities to consider are your loved one’s safety, security, and independence.

Below are some tips for choosing the perfect senior living community.

1. Dining

Are mealtimes and snacks scheduled or is your loved one free to get a quick bite or snack throughout the day? Are special dietary needs considered and are meals served restaurant-style off a menu or just delivered from what the chef prepared for the day on a tray? All too often, dietary needs are an afterthought.

If your loved one enjoys cooking, you may want to ensure they have access to a small kitchen in their apartment or have access to a community kitchen.

2. Community Opportunities

Activities for seniors are essential so it’s highly recommended you find out what opportunities are available for cultural, religious, and entertainment at the community.

Living at a senior community shouldn’t mean you’re barred from the rest of the world. It should be an extension of the larger community and there should be opportunities for seniors to enjoy excursions and adventures as well.

3. Amenities

Senior living facility amenities can vary widely. Would access to a hair salon be an added value or would the ability to walk peacefully in a beautifully landscaped garden be a plus? Amenities can be anything from a library, music room, exercise class, or housekeeping and laundry service.

It’s also worth asking about the community’s shuttle and transportation services. There may be important appointments, like doctor’s visits, needed when you are not available.

4. Exercise and Wellness

Exercise and wellness are important at any age and senior living communities should be no exception. Regular exercise can treat and prevent common conditions associated with aging, like arthritis, as well as promote independence. Does the community offer exercise classes, like Yoga and TaiChi?  Is there a golf course or a swimming pool on-site? The more opportunity for exercise and activity, the healthier and more occupied your loved one will be.

5. Pet Rules

Does your loved one have a beloved pet? Would they benefit from a small pet in the future? It’s important to find out where the senior living community stands on residents having pets and their size restrictions.

Pet policies can be an important factor in choosing the right community, especially if your loved one has to choose between keeping a pet or rehoming it.

6. Help Available

Many seniors are capable and independent but that doesn’t mean there won’t be times when accidents happen or extra help is needed. Many seniors suffer falls during the night and it can take hours before they are helped. Even simple tasks like moving furniture or carrying grocery bags can become a struggle in older age. If there’s always someone around to help, it reduces the risk of accidents.

Living in an assisted community will mean your loved one has access to help 24/7.  We highly recommend you ask the resident to wellness staff ratio too.  This is especially important and comforting to know if your parent needs extra attention from a fall or injury.

7. Are Families Welcome?

Most seniors love time with their children and grandchildren. This is a special time you wouldn’t want to be restricted. Find out if family and friends can come and go as they please or if there are dedicated visiting times. If you want the freedom to see your loved one whenever it suits you, you’ll need to find a pliable community. The best senior community options don’t include anything that can make members feel isolated.

8. The Cost

The cost is often one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing a senior living community. Comparing community costs will give you a good idea of what you can get for your money. You may have a budget in mind but you may also need to be flexible depending on the type of amenities and care you’re looking for. We highly recommend looking into an all-inclusive senior living community where the cost of care will not increase as care needs change.

Visit Spring Creek

If you’re looking for a community that will encourage independence, welcome family and friends at every opportunity, provides tailored programs for every resident and is all-inclusive, why not take a look at Spring Creek Senior Living? Just 20 miles from downtown Dallas, our community has everything needed for seniors to stay comfortable and engaged.

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Tips for Choosing Senior Living Communities

Choosing a senior living community is never easy because it often means relying on other people to care for your loved one. Making the right choice requires research and time to ask important questions. At Spring Creek Senior Living in Plano Texas, we’re here to answer your questions and put your mind at rest.

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